"if you find the golden butterfly within - you will never be without"

'Taun possesses a rare poetic gift; his lines of poetry are written with incredible ease, and yet they carry such deeply profound messages'.

Natalia Bozhok indépendant poetry critic

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(metamorphosis) noun. The process of transformation from an immature form, to an adult form, in two or more distinct stages.

From a caterpillars perspective, death is the end of life. For the butterfly, death is just the beginning. In 2012, at the age of fifty one, I died.


My sincere gratitude to Valeria Semchenko who dedicated so much of her time to assist me in producing this book. Maria Martynova for taking care of all the legal work. Finally, I would like to thank all the women who opened up their hearts to me, without you, this book would simply not have been possible. 

My name is Taun Richards. In the world of Lepidoptry I am known as the Butterfly Whisperer. In 2012, I died, and yet, just like the butterfly, I live.  


Butterfly Wings

an illustrated collection of 60 poems

Inspired by the true life experiences of Russian heroines

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