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You Love Me

"This poem is the truth itself, one of the best".

Olga Fillippova


The Wake Up Call

"Very Beautiful".

Anastasia Kiselyova



"This poem is a prayer for everyone that feels the same"

Rinata Karimova


Flying Without Wings

Russian proverb courage is a quality of a great soulNastya Ponomoreva


Love at first Sight

"Very poetically described vitally phenomenon. I consider it one of your most heart-breaking poems, however so romantically and easily represented. Amazing"

Maya Gafarova


Walking on Water

"Dramatically and beautifully unfolded. Great!!"

Lyaysanka Yusopova


State of her Heart

"Really great poem, especially the first two lines".

Yulya Romanova


Bird in a Cage

"Brilliant poem!!"

Natasha Davydova


Evgenia Gusarova


Butterfly WIngs

"I liked it most of all"

Maria Ruina

I love ths poem, it's great!

Natalya Kashkan


"if you find the golden butterfly within

you will never be without"

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